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About Us

Godzillaa is a company that has existed since 2018 and will never have an end, how? simply through all of you THANKS to everyone, thanks to you we live from 2018 to 2023 as time flies


We currently own... / StoneKingNet / Robie / Zextrix Host (coorp) / Soundify / Godzilla CHILD / Godzillaa Medical / Godzillaa Center / Godzillaa Power / Godzillaa Secret service / Godzillaa GREEN


leave this world better and not as it is right now


Thanks to you we have made a lot of progress, for example (GODZILLAA GREEN) a small company to improve the world


We can speak German, English, French, Russian and will help you with your problems with these languages


We have employees from all over the world who developed Godzillaa or Stone Studios


please only trust these links (godzillaa.de / godzillaa.com / gdzz.cc / gdzz.de / gdzz.com + plus we won't just write to you and say that we're giving this away, click now or something like that

Only trust our team members who are on teamspeak, discord, have emails like leon@godzillaa.de/com in their names and those on ts and discord only if they have a role on dsc.gg/gdz like admin etc...

Only trust our social media that we link to our website


Unfortunately there is nothing new at the moment...


Contact our support on discord or email